“We believe in young people!”

A beautiful sentence, loaded with hope and enthusiasm, but tossed into the air by countless leaders, institutions and companies who, once they grab them, soon forget that a youngster will still be young for many more years and some will continue to be kids during their entire lives.

Like that catch phrase, most projects thought out for the youth are empty of content and designed only for entertainment purposes and the occupation of time. At the end of each project, the youngster feels he has learned nothing or developed any new capacity or idea.

Enthusiasm vanishes and hope fades. In the end, what we see is new generations after new generations of youngsters left alone. All those who have achieved any measure of success did so alone or with little follow-up.

We do not “only” believe in the youth of today. We also believe in their ideas and believe these can come from children, adolescents, young people or young adults. Even an adult might have a great idea for the generation that followed. We evaluate it, we develop it and we accomplish it.

Only this way was it possible to create the EC Junior, where children come on stage to discuss adult themes. Only this way could we give shape to the Global Boomerang, putting young people under pressure for decision-making processes and the need for prioritization.

To our team of Young Ambassadors we ask to be serious about the diffusion of the EC themes and projects, while offering them a professional environment and a more personal relationship with the organization team of the Estoril Conferences and the Youth Summit, where future generations come together to discuss the world’s most pressing issues in a meeting entirely organized by young people, therefore revealing the matters that concern them the most and to which we must all prepare.

We believe in the youth of today, yes. But the most interested youth, the most dynamic, those who seek challenges and reflect on solutions. We seek our future leaders and assure them that the path they will be walking does not have to be walked without support.


Miguel Pinto Luz

Vice president of Câmara Municipal de Cascais

Youth Projects

Youth Ambassador

In this 5th edition we want you to take the challenge. Join the youth of the Estoril Conferences in one of our youth projects!

The Youth Ambassador is one of our most important projects. As a representative of the Estoril Conferences in your school, university and social networks, you will be our spokesperson, introducing your friends and colleagues to the Estoril Conferences and to our youth projects.

We want you, as a Youth Ambassador, to have the opportunity to direct your values, motivations, will and proactivity into an ambitious project: the mobilization of people and ideas around the debate on the most urgent issues of our days.

As a Youth Ambassador, you will have access to the Conferences' backstage, where you will be able to share relaxed moments with our renowned speakers and be a part of the organization process of an international conference.

As a Youth Ambassador, you will be part of the Conferences' making-of!


Deadline: 15th March 2017 | Target: 16 - 25 years old

Youth Summit

Awareness. Debate. Controversy. Irreverence.

The Estoril Conferences' Youth Summit is, from the very first day, a moment where you have the chance to influence the debate and to set-up the agenda.

The Youth Summit is the inaugural day of the Conferences: an entire day dedicated to the youth. Planned, developed, and executed by young people from our academic partners and by youngsters who have shown their exceptionality on previous editions of the Conferences or in their youth organizations.

On this day, around 600 youngsters from all over the world will be the focus of all the attention of this international event. On this day, the stage is yours!

Date: 29th May 2017 | Deadline: 20th May 2017 | Target: 16-35 years old

Global Boomerang

We know the challenges are not always as far as they seem. Most times, a local answer may make the difference on a global challenge. The Global Boomerang is exactly that.

For two and a half days, dozens of youngsters gather to discuss the most important problems that occur in our ever-changing world. During the Global Boomerang weekend they will be challenged to engage in a simulation where they will have to represent the interests of a country. Through the use of arguments, a global problem will emerge. This is when the action happens.

With the problem defined, a global challenge, these youngsters will put aside the interests of the country they represent in order to find, together, a solution.

Being a part of a globalized world, on this weekend we will challenge you to search for local solutions!

Facing a real and concrete problem, it is time to jump into practice. The question is: How can I improve the life of another citizen? You are part of a globalized world, but, throughout this weekend, we will challenge you to find local solutions!


Date: 26th-28th May | Deadline: 28th April 2017 | Target: 18-23 years old

EC Junior

What if the world was ruled by children?

On June 1st, we will be looking for a different perspective to our problems: the children’s’ perspective. During that day, the children will become the speakers, the journalists and the audience. This will be the first edition of the Estoril Conferences Junior and the objective is to include the children in discussions of global character because we know they will be our future leaders.

#LittleChamps #MiniGlobalization 

Date: 1st June | Deadline: 28th April 2017 | Target: Primary School